Open Studio|工作室开放

Open Studio|工作室开放

--Lightness, Fragileness, Transparentness, Layering, Coloring, Shaping

I used my studio as a complete installation in which I built relationships between paintings and installations, colors and spaces, works and environment. In this piece, I combined natural lights with the studio, which brought a new experience to my work. Visually, the piece would change with difference of natural lights. Therefore, the visiting time was not after sunset.



Material: transparent red plexiglas, fish string, gouache on aluminium panels,red paint on wall, and printed transparent red stickers on windows, sun lights

The studio volume: 25 sqare meters.

材料:透明红色亚克力,渔线,铝合金板上树脂颜料, 墙面红色涂料,窗上透明红色不干胶, 阳光

Open Studio-detail one
Open Studio-detail two
Open Studio-detail three
Open Studio-detail four
Open Studio-detail five
Open Studio-detail six
Open Studio-detail seven
Details of panel work without in a red environment