Artforum艺术论坛展评:毕蓉蓉:三联图——制作中的素描--作者:易鸿 ,2015(作品链接

Disegno--Art--Design--Lebenswelt: Bi Rongrong's Aesthetic Dialectics素描--艺术--设计--生活世界:毕蓉蓉的美学辩证法--by Jiang Jun | 姜俊-2014/2015 Published on issue 01 2015 ArtChina|发表于2015年一月刊的‘艺术当代’ 

DépaysagesThe Landscapes We Used to Know重新遇见的风景 --by Ann Stouvenel,2013



Bringing the Audience into the Work: An Interview with Bi Rongrong对话:毕蓉蓉——把观众带入作品中--by R. Orion Martin|马睿奇-2015

Listening to Light--Bi Rongrong in conversation with Elisabeth Condon-2013 

Little Wood Sticks Featuring Light and Shade-A Dialogue Between Li Zhenhua & Bi Rongrong 一些有明暗的小木条 —李振华和毕蓉蓉的对谈笔记  -2013 

A Paingting Drawn in Space - EpublicArt interview with Bi Rongrong空间里的绘画— EpublicArt采访毕蓉蓉 -2013