Working Process|工作过程

Working Process|工作过程


—A Drawing Being Produced

April, 2015

This work is composed of a drawing, a painting and a spacial installation which together depict my method of production.

Drawing is the foundation, or the starting point, of my practice. It is a direct form of expression based on reading and deciphering my surroundings. The drawings in this exhibition were inspired by images I collected on the streets of Manchester during a 2014 artist residency. Posters, prints and graffiti filled the environment around me, and these images became a medium by which I read the city. Based on this inspiration, I have re-collaged the pictures that I collected. These drawings are assemblages of the fragmented memories I have from my time in Manchester.

The painting on canvas is derived from two elements of the drawings. I used a projector to superimpose these elements on the canvas. Although it seems connected to the original source materials, it also allowed me to forget what I saw. This made it possible for me to enter a different state of studio-based production through which I could directly converse with the canvas.

The spacial installation is an attempt to bring those elements that originated from the environment into a new environment. This environment is more idealized. I can put myself into it, or it can become a part of me. When I began interpreting the environment, the distance between it and myself was very small. I want to incorporate this closeness into the audience’s reading of my work, so for this installation I have taken an element from my drawings and expanded it to cover the surfaces of the space. When it begins to speak to the environment, this ‘drawing being produced’ will be complete.








Work on paper:

Tri-Images 1/3, Watercolor, pencil, collage on paper, 90x120cm, March, 2015, Photo by Guo Bo


三联图 1/3, 纸本水彩,铅笔,拼贴, 90x120cm, 2015年3月, 摄影:郭波

Work on canvas: 

Tri-Images 2/3, Acrylic on canvas, 190x190cm, March, 2015, Photo by Guo Bo


三联图 2/3, 布面丙烯, 190x190cm, 2015年3月, 摄影:郭波

On the site:

Tri-Images 3/3, Ink-jet plastic sticker on window, acrylic on wall, Gallery size: 21.5mx4.7m, April, 2015, Installed at A Thousand Plateaus Art Space


三联图 3/3, 喷绘透明贴,墙上丙烯、明胶, 画廊尺寸:21.5mx4.7m, 2015年4月, 绘于千高原艺术空间,成都

Tri-Images 1/3|三联图 1/3
Tri-Images 2/3|三联图 2/3
Tri-Images 3/3|三联图 3/3 detail
Tri-Images 3/3|三联图 3/3 detail
Tri-Images 3/3|三联图 3/3 detail
Tri-Images 3/3|三联图 3/3 detail
Tri-Images 3/3|三联图 3/3 detail
Tri-Images 3/3|三联图 3/3 detail